Ionic boiler heating system

The heating technology used in the military and aerospace!

From the cutting edge industry…

Perfectly meeting the requirements of robustness and reliability in extreme conditions, this heating system was until now exclusively reserved for a specific use in the military navy (submarine of war) and in the aerospace industry (station MIR). The research and development of this heating system, innovative in energy saving, began in the 70s and was developed in the civilian field from 1992.

European leader in energy saving ionic boilers

As inventor and patentee, Rutptura® Technologies developed a wide range of high-performance ionization boilers from its compact and robust heater body and became quickly the European leader in innovative heating system.

A complete range, power limitless!

We offer a complete range of ionic boilers without power limit, suitable for any kind of heating installations (housing, sports complexes, buildings, greenhouses…) and surfaces (boilers can be mounted in series).

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